My name is Jan Neduchal and I work as a malware reverse engieneer @AVAST!.
I mainly focus on Linux malware, but I won't say no to a Windows sample as well.

When I am not hunting malware I am just a:
• student with an (un)healthy obsession towards figuring out how stuff works
• privacy junkie
• Linux distro hopper
• guy that pipes grep into grep

[What Do I Know]

Ok, I am a self-taught programmer and hacker. It started out as a hobby and evolved into an obsession and purpose.
I taught myself Python and took courses on C/C++. That eventually led to x86 and ARM assembly.
One led to another and here I am fluent in Bash, thus GNU/Linux.
I have some minor hobby/hacker experience in the fields of NFC, RF hacking, WiFi hacking and Binary exploitation.
However the thing I am proud of the most is my ability to fit into the black hat circles and always have the information about current threats and trends.

[My Projects]

Highlighted projects:

Simple Virtual CPU PoC
Domain buster script for BugBounty
WiFi attack framework

[Contact Me]

[Email           :    honza.neduchal[at]gmail.com]

[Work Email :    jan.neduchal[at]avast.com]

[Twitter         :   

[Github         :    TheDuchy]